Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lungs like La Brea

I have been cowering on the couch with diet coke and a bad stomach ache, I have been short-tempered, moody and sluggish, I have felt awkward at social gatherings, I have been a little dizzy, had a huge headache and I have missed it so much that I get misty eyed and nostalgic but at 4:30 today it has been 5 days since i had a cigarette.

I have been breathing deep.

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Anonymous said...

time for new hobby(ies) for us. maybe we should knit up a house together. or spin some wool. or get some sheeps and then shave them to make wool to spin into yarn to knit a house with. i don't know, you name it, i'm ready for an enormous collabo-roject. let's pick an art widget and start manufacturing it in excessive bulk in your "artists' studio." i think you know that i am game.

think on it.