Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tweet tweet!

Grace Street Overlook, Church Hill

Last night while doing a video scavenger hunt with Michael, I realized that this is my favorite place in Richmond, and if you want to go there with me sometime at sunset, I will show you why.

Also, we will hopefully have some video clips in the showing tonight at Gallery 5, including such money shots as:
1. My Mariah Carey impersonation, while driving
2. Michael's favorite alley in Richmond
3. My favorite person in Richmond (Hint: He's black and he swats at children with a tennis racket)
4. Loud and badly sung christmas carols with majestic river views
5. The most awesomely decorated christmas house we have ever seen.

In addition, the Liz King artist talk is tonight at the Visual Arts Center. Come, let's be friends!

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