Friday, March 28, 2008

No, Utah!

Last night was the Visual Arts Center of Richmond's reception for the Southern Graphics Council 2008 Printmaking Conference: Command Print. It was awesome to see so many young, weird people in the center, really really encouraging. I was supposed to be bartending but Michael didn't want any help so I just drank and talked to people from Utah. We at the bartender table agreed that printmakers are nerds.

We later saw the Utah-ians at Ipanema, and the fact that our beer has more than 3.5% alcohol made for some pretty drunk SLC Punks. We watched one of them walk off arm in arm with a homeless hustler, and our shouts of "No! Utah! Stay here with your friends!" did nothing to dissuade him, as he tossed us the middle finger behind his back (not sure why) and rounded the corner of Grace and Harrison with the hustler. Oh, poor Utah.

With just over three hours of actual sleep under my belt, I look like a wilted dollbaby.

On my scooter ride home at 2:30am, I pulled over to write down the phrase "Superhero Saint." Which is what I want to be when I grow up, if you wondered.

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