Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Bada Bing was a success!

I did have a minor freak out this morning in the rain, and almost cried because I felt like I was the least professional person of everyone at the show, but it turned out that I fit right in, for the most part. Sold a bunch of stuff, got about 4 wholesalers interested, and got a ton of people interested in custom orders, which is cool. There were crowds around my table! It was also neat that there were so many people from outside VA who had traveled here to sell stuff. I met a bunch of cool people, including the guy from Figs and Ginger, who was really nice. They use all recycled metal, which is awesome!

I came home and immediately slept for about two hours, without stirring.

Tomorrow, the Falcon!

Here's a big shout out to Pete, for putting up with me for the past two weeks while I smelled like solder all of the time, and was totally panicked and bitchy. Thanks, Pete. It'll be easier next time, like at the Charm City Craft Mafia Pile of Craft!

Note about above pictures: No matter how much I try to have a color palette, there always seems to be a rainbow in everything that I do. Oy.


Kate said...

I so so wish I had been able to make it. I must buy one of your necklaces, because I really love them.

Tasha McKelvey said...

Congrats and thanks for being part of the show. (-Tasha from the Richmond Craft Mafia)

Massagem said...
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