Thursday, July 17, 2008

This n' that.

I love angry employee signs. "SOMEONE" is a WIMP and can't handle the heat.

I am so excited for this. SO EXCITED AHHH I LOVE THE MOVIES.

Pete had an interview at Capital One so we had to go to Francos on Lakeside for a suit adventure. The people were very nice and helpful but it was so boringggggg in there...

So I spent 20 minutes pretending to be a foot model. LOOK at that carpet. Yech.

We're almost settled, getting there. Pictures of studio soon, having some shelving issues so I'm not totally unpacked.

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richmondrant said...

funny story. i went to the bathroom while we were grocery shopping at kroger's. saw the sign from your blog and got very confused. for some reason i thought it was the bathroom at your work.

i should thank you. how often do you get to say, "i had a surreal experience in the kroger's bathroom. it involves jackie's blog."