Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My heart's dark but it's rising, i'm pulling all the faith I can see.

Pete got us last minute tickets to Bruce Springsteen! It was amazing and wonderful and I'll always remember it. He didn't play Thunder Road, but maybe we'll get to see him again. He did this amazing thing where he just started taking everyone's request posters and saying "yeah, that's easy, we'll do that....no, not that one, keep trying...Oh my god that's the worst song we've ever recorded..." and he was JUMPING ALL OVER THE STAGE and being amazing. He kept yelling RICHMOOOOOND!!!!

The encore was like an hour long and he played Born to Run and Rosalita and Mary's Place! The whole place was vibrating. And the guy next to Pete was so weird and awesome. Oh also I was on the jumbo-tron, but I don't have a picture of that, unfortunately.

Thanks, Pete!
Also, look, I've lost 25 pounds!

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Kate said...

You look *fantastic*