Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh Jesus

I don't know why I thought going to the palin rally would be funny. It
wasn't. It was just depressing. Yes. the bottom left button says "Hottest VP."

Hank Williams Jr played a song about the left wing liberal media and how Barack is evil. There were SO MANY old men in cowboy hats nodding along and yelling "that's right!"

I left 10 minutes into Palin's speech, both because I wanted to beat the thousands of cars out of there (I was on my scooter) and because all she had talked about was nascar and sled racing. Seriously.

On the way out I saw a lady pick up a credit card off of the ground and ask this hippie guy if he had dropped his card. "Rebecca? No right?" she said. Obviously he was not Rebecca. "No, not mine" he says. She leaves it on the bumper of the car she found it near and walks away, and I watch him double back and go to pick it up, so I yell "Hey, I thought it wasn't yours?" and he stumbles "Oh uh...I was gonna give it to someone...y'know...find them..." and just then the person who drops it says "Over here, it's mine!" I start to walk away and this woman is walking next to me and says "good job, he was totally going to steal that...And anyway, he's not...what's he doing here, he's know, a Barack supporter."

"Aw geez...So am I, lady." I smirk at her.
"OH! Well, you don't look it!"
"I wish I did!"

I walk back to my scooter and putt-putt away from the raceway, pumping my fist upon exit and yelling "BARACK THE VOTE" to the unsuspecting parking attendant who jumps, and then pumps his fist back. On my way home all I could think about was what a Barack supporter looks like through a McCain supporter's eyes. I'm sort of disappointed that even in a blue dress on a blue scooter with tattoos and a dissaproving glare I still couldn't be spotted.


Anonymous said...

this saddens my heart. i am tired of vocalizing my horror when people are ignorant. just say something regarding the policy or ideas or anything OTHER than something that sounds completely close minded and empty. Last night the Mccain protesters chanted "John John John" thats all they had.

Kate said...

I don't think I would have lasted as long as you did at the rally. I think Palin is politically retarded, and Mccain is just 8 more years of Bush.

Kudos to you for giving it a go though :)

Anonymous said...

You go on with yo' bad self Ms. Jackie for going to the rally!