Thursday, January 22, 2009


Every week I help run a mentorship program for preteen girls called SOHO, which stands for space of her own. The girls come every week for a year and eat dinner together and then spend the evening working on projects geared towards a year-end renovation of their room, a la trading spaces. Tonight we had a dinner talk about friends + what makes a good friend. We took pieces of paper and wrote words that described a good friends, which also turned out to be words that we all hoped would describe us too. Earlier in the evening I had put tape on everyone's foreheads, and after we all shared our words and then got to work sewing pillows for their rooms, I walked around and put the words on each girl's forehead.

Amidst the exhaustion and the lack of free time...The piles of unfinished things all over my house and my life, I can tell you one thing for sure. I am thankful.


ally said...

Jackie - this SOHO project sounds so wonderful. I hope you will share more about it as the year goes on.
Happy 2009!


je said...

sounds like the program is going great! i wish i could be a part of it. i'm proud of you guys!

and regarding my post, it would take a lot more than a game of Catan to replace you and Pete! basically, that's an impossible task. i miss you! are you all coming up?