Friday, October 9, 2009

How to make a painting.

First, get the giggles out. You can't take yourself too seriously. Sometimes the giggles may last for a very long time. Hang in there.

Once you're serious, make sure you have the following things: a mustache, a red silk flower, aprons, and grins.

You may decide to use a pen-name that is very similar to your actual name, this is ok! It helps create mystique.

Enjoy your paintings, Jamie and Dustin.


Marisa Kennedy (pen name) said...

I love your painting, Jaime! Did you do that in just one night?

Dustin's is good, too... I'm just more of a naked woman painting person than a random guy floating through randomness painting person ;)

Jackie pst! said...

Haha. Yeah, just a couple of hours. It's not nearly as good as it looks in this photo, trust me.

And you can't tell, but Dustin's is actually an elaborate sea battle scene with a fighting squid and whale and a man in an old divers suit, It's pretty amazing. We've got a call in at the Met.