Monday, October 29, 2007

Cowboy kick.

Sometimes I feel like an alien who doesn't really belong, even now at 24 years old with supposed "wisdom" and maybe even a little bit of "real world experience."

However sometimes, sometimes I am proud of just how ridiculous I have become, preparing to go to work on a scooter in cowboy boots and bright blue tights.

Sometimes theres not a bit of shame, and in those moments, I miss Mary and the saturated grandeur of Hunter Street and our third floor studio.

Ink in our mouths, grinning.


wannabehero said...

Ink in ones mouth is a sign of mania.

Anonymous said...

oh what a day,
inklips for everyone.

i miss you jackie.
i'll send you a picture of my latest wardrobe update.
you'll love it.
i've lost my mind.

i can hardly wait to see you.