Thursday, May 15, 2008

Achtung, bitte!

So yesterday I got a phone call at work from a man named Johannes Wiebus, a German Television producer. I am not sure how he knew how to find me, but he said that he saw me on the front page of the newspaper two weeks ago and wanted to film and interview me for a piece he is doing for German TV about rising gas prices and how Americans are coping.

So, I guess he flew into America last night (DC) and is driving down here this morning?

I am thrilled and also freaked out for this weird ass adventure. I am also wondering how he knew where I worked and why he didn't ask for Directions. Don't worry friends, I am always the skeptic and will not fall prey to any "show us your boobs" techniques, no matter how veiled.

In choosing my outfit for my German Television debut I was careful to continue the little known German belief that the Brady Bunch is an accurate depiction of current American Fashion:


ryan said...

show us your boobs!

Pedro said...

you are gonna get kidnappiened

Johannes said...

Hey Jackie, it's Johannes. Rest assured, you looked great! Thanks again for participating. I was a little disappointed that there was no update to your blog telling your readers how much fun it was to work for German Tv and the incredible professionalism Peter and I brought to the job :)
Anyway, I will send you a link to the finished piece so you can include it in your blog.
Thanks again and happy scooting!