Saturday, May 24, 2008

From the closet of a reformed New York Catholic

I'm cleaning out some stuff at my parents house.
Any takers?

edit: That bouquet is made of fake roses, fake baby's breath and FOLDED UP DOLLAR BILLS, if you wondered.


Kate said...


Michael said...

Amazing! What's with the dollar bills? And what's with everyone going "home" these days and cleaning out their stuff?

Creepy (the stuff cleaning, not your picture).

Honor said...

That really makes my heart sing. You are the prettiest cupcake ever!

Mikey said...

... and how exactly did you qualify for a quinceaƱera?

eliot said...

If you wouldn't mind saving that for me, that would be great. Thanks.

Kelly said...

I have similar photograph. In it I wore robins egg blue eye-shadow on. What was my mother thinking?

great blog!